Black Ghosts' Requiem


Just when you thought it was safe to go out to pasture

Dear Sis,

So after ridding a bunch of Manticores from a cave for the local monks so we can gain access to these ruins that should have info we need, we were all pretty banged up, and Kev broke a lot of bones (only a couple were do to bad handling of the stretcher) so we took him back to the temple and the guys fixed him up. The process was pretty interesting they strapped him to a table with two big coils and then hoisted him into the sky where he was struck by lightning a bunch. It was kinda like that movie we went to see one time, Orcenstein. Incidentally somehow this fixes his bones and made it so he doesn’t have a shadow. Weird side effect there, yet if I shine a flashlight at him the light doesn’t go through him.

Anyway, we got to go into the tomb we had wanted access to and we got attacked by a bunch of giant spiders. I sometimes wonder what all these giant monsters in isolated places we run into are eating, well other than obviously, us. Anyway we smashed them up and are now resting while talking to some statues, which are in fact talking back. They’re saying something about how we must be proved worry, well I’ve gotta go as proving worthy usually means, beat the snot out of something until it’ll give us what we want. So its basically requesting a mugging on the statues’ part. Is it wrong to mug someone when they’re asking you to do it?




yanko128 stinky42

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