Black Ghosts' Requiem

Sweet Dreams

I’m writing this down so I don’t forget it all. Not sure I’ll ever be able to talk to anyone outside the Fifth about it, though. Went to bed, and started dreaming of a ruined city, swarming with mist snakes. Quickly found Shintar, Lyrie, and Vash. Went out exploring the city, such as it was. Quickly swarmed by mist snakes, along with a couple things I’ll have nightmares about if I ever sleep again. I think I died for a moment there. Got chased by a snake the size of a train, and threw paint at it thinking it would somehow help. Somehow found our way to where the ghetto was, but it’d been replaced with another city. Got attacked by a bearskin rug in a creepy orphanage, while the tree burned the creepy orphans. Had some sort of psychotic break and came to with my gun screaming. Found a Beholder that’d been paid to keep us trapped in the dream. Put him down with another volley from the dream of a gun. My gun has better dreams than me, apparently. Don’t want to sleep again. Don’t want to remember. Running low on coffee and whiskey. Time to sleep and never dream again.


yanko128 Bobcat11

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