Black Ghosts' Requiem

Yes, Doc, I do Unfortunately Remember What Happened

We’d been clearing out a cave complex to aid a monastery. Not too unusual for us, especially as we wanted some help from the death priests there. Manticore attacks had been a problem for them, so naturally they offered a trade. You know what’s really, really important with fighting manticores? Not fighting them indoors. Even after chucking a crate of explosives at them they kept coming at us. And the leader kept dropping chunks of the ceiling on us. So yeah, I dove on Bree to protect her. I mean, I’ve always tried to help my little brethren, and it’s not like I could have dodged the rock slide myself. At least she didn’t get crushed, so I can feel good about that. Not like anything else feels good right now. Then I was flying on pure adrenaline for a while. Took down that bastard too. Now, enough with the questions. Think you could get to fixing the broken bones?


yanko128 Bobcat11

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