Black Ghosts' Requiem

Something 'Bout A Train

Having rested and resupplied, the remains of the 5th boarded a train to finish their journey across the mote. Naturally, bandits on birdback decided to attack the train. Fortunately, bird cavalry tends to be susceptible to gunfire, especially when those guns are firing lightning bolts. And using giant swords as paddles to knock bandits off the train leaves the bandits in the distance. Unfortunately, the bandits had blocked the track, forcing the train to stop to clear the track. At which point a giant troll came, apparently in thrall to the bandits. Naturally, this was solved by cattle rustling, rounding up “puppies” for the troll to chase while the barricade on the track was hacked apart by a crazed dagger wielding minotaur. Soon the train was back underway, and the provincial capital was reached, where Senator Bronzehammer invited the 5th to dinner and asked for help with a bandit problem that for now appears too small to be worthwhile for the army to normally handle.

Bridge on the Ravine Gnoll

Having cleared the patrol demanding children to eat, our heroes decided to seize the initiative and cross the bridge immediately, rather than waiting until nightfall, when the patrol might be missed and the gnolls’ night vision would concede the advantage. After a quick stop to don gnollish clothing and armor, the party crossed the bridge, angrily shouting Ozzy Osbourne songs. Upon entry to the keep on the far side of the bridge, the gnolls finally seemed to grasp that the shouting lunatics were not, in fact, the returning patrol, and violence ensued. The highlight of the initial phases was the “head” of one of the fake gnolls flying off to be reveled as Bree stuffed in a helmet. After much killing, and the lighting of a few fires, a hole was blown in the ceiling, dropping a ’roid rage gnoll to be maimed by our heroes. With this final threat removed, the keep was left in the command of the one remaining guard, with our heroes proceeding down the other side of the mountain uneventfully. Next up: Whackjobs On A Train!

Into the Woods and Up the Mountain

Our intrepid band began the hike back to civilization, which hopefully lies on the other side of a mountain pass. Warnings by the townsfolk of feral elves proved largely true, however the elves weren’t a problem. The bridge “toll collectors” however proved a more problematic issue. Especially when a demon burst forth from one. Fortunately, the demon proved vulnerable to those traditional problems solving techniques of “hitting it with heavy objects” and “hurricane of lead”. Thankfully the party members and their adopted stray boy/mascot were able to withstand the demon’s multiple earthquakes, and now must patch themselves up before crossing the bridge that leads further into the savage wilds.

Any landing you can walk away from.

Well the cargo ship that was transporting us was shot down by a massive pirate attack that took out pretty much all our company. In fact there’s basically us and maybe a half dozen survivors on the ship. The attack was much better organized than we’d suspect, a massive number of ships and kobold boarding parties. I kinda think there might be a foreign power involved or the pirates have really good spies in our military. In addition an orc apparently kidnapped an archeologist from the ship, his grad student was one of the survivors. Its unknown why they would want him, he’s an expert at some nearby ruins, but those ruins have been explored multiple times. Anyway our ragtag band of remaining military are making an attempt to cross a mountain pass to get to a larger city to make a full report, while the other survivors wait it out in the small town near where we crashed.


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