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  • Thar'Vok

    A 19 year old half orc, graduate student under Professor Kath. She believes Professor has been kidnapped during the Battle of Griffin's Climb. With the help of the 5th Regiment she survived the crash.

  • Karakal

    Early teen shifter was found on the bridge of the Artemis during the Battle of Griffin's Climb. After the crash he followed the 5th Regiment into the mountain pass, and nearly got eaten by the Sunscape Beast. He has proven to be skilled with both blade …

  • Kataris Terren

    Daughter of Sterth Terren, a very wealthy cloth merchant out of Tel-kaasz. The Terren family stands out as being the only wealthy human family in Tel-kaasz, and the wealthiest one in all of An-Xiish.

  • Hak'Ver

    The only surviving crew member of the Artemis. Hak'Ver has been the navigator for over thirty years, first with the military, than serving on various merchant ships. Battle of Griffin's Climb cost him a leg.

  • Axarasz

    A middle aged hobgoblin woman runs a small newspaper in a town near Tel-kaasz. After her return home she printed a copperflap based on the events on board the Artemis during the Battle of Griffin's Climb, focusing on the bravery of the 5th Regiment. The …

  • Verek Adan

    Revered Verek Adan is an old shifter cleric of the Dweller Below. After surviving the crash of Artemis he left on a quest to find the truth behind the attack.

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